e3 Human Development was born out of years of work with children and their parents as we helped them to navigate the educational, health care and social service systems.

Leadership Team

The e3 Human Development founders have years of experience working with schools, families and individuals in the community they serve. Together, they hope to continue to impact lives.

Veronica Cons, MSW, MBA

Co-Founder of e3 Human Development

Veronica Cons has been working in the social work field for the past eleven years. With a Master Degree in Social Work from Arizona State University as well as a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, she spent four years with the Arizona Department of Child Services prior working for two different school districts as a school social worker. During her time as a social worker, she has been instrumental in developing partnerships with various organizations, worked to implement a school-wide social emotional program, and brought 4-H to enhance students' connections to content.

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Tyson Kelly, MEd

Co-Founder of e3 Human Development

Tyson has been in public education since 1999 after graduating from the University of Arizona and completed a Master Program in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University in 2002. As a junior high teacher and administrator, he has effectively walked with the communities he has served ensuring a holistic education. Over the years, he has successfully implemented a system for Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions earning Gold Awards from PBISAz. He has also worked to develop school-wide, grade-level and individual programs to support learning for all.

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Leah Kelly, MEd

Co-Founder of e3 Human Development

Leah has been in public education since 2000 after graduating from Grand Canyon University and earned a Master Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2004 from Grand Canyon University. Having taught in brick and mortar schools, online schools and working as a contractor implementing virtual programs, she is able to connect with staff, students and communities to bring about positive results no matter the educational setting.

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