e3 Scholar Athletes Academy

As we work to build e3 Scholar Athletes Academy, we want to bring together our passion for learning with out passion of athletics.  

Over the years, we have encountered many students that have dreams of being the next great professional athlete, and many have decided against even trying out in high school due to the lack of connection they have with the high school as a learner, a community member and as an athlete.  Many have struggled to even complete high school after, and we want to change that for children.  We want to help them become the athlete they want to be as well as expose them to all of the opportunities to have successful careers in sports outside of being an athlete. 

We are looking to build a school that starts with the individual student, their talents and dreams.  As we learn the student, we will work to bring about a high level of academics, and build confidence for them to continue to pursue their dream.  The next great athlete may be created, or sports therapist, or entrepreneur, or... 

Empathy + Education + Empowerment = Endless Opportunities

Our goals include: