School Improvement

Planning and Support

Since 2002, Tyson has been using effective school's research to help transform students.  As a teacher and part of a school improvement planning team, he was part of a team that was asked to present their process at the Arizona School Administrator's 8th Annual Institute for Excellence in June 2004.  

This early work with effective school's research helped the first school he was principal at to go from being the verge of corrective action for a second time when he arrived in 2006 to being labeled Highly Performing in 2010.  And, at the second school he served as principal, the school went from a score labeling the school a low D when he took over in 2012 on the verge of corrective action to a high C in 2018.  

The success he has seen in improving schools has been a slow process as he learns the school community (empathy), builds a holistic program based on the needs of the community (education), and prepares everyone for success on their journey (empowerment).  

e3 HD is here to be a support to an organization that is needing to grow to meet the needs of the community, and we are here as a resource to work with a school community as it continues grow.

We are available to help teachers, school leaders and district leaders look at the policies and practices in place to create a better environment for all.   

Community and Business Development


Over the years at both schools where Tyson has been a principal,  community and business partners have helped support students.  

Tyson create the Lowell Community Google Site to celebrate and inform stakeholders about the great work happening at Lowell.  

Based on your community, e3 HD can help you create avenues to inform and increase partnerships.