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Lowell School is located in Central Phoenix, and has been serving the community since 1925.  

Lowell School is Phoenix Elementary School District’s Math, Science and Technology Signature School. The school’s holistic approach to education centers around our signature areas. Following the school district’s well-rounded curriculum in the core subject areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, all students receive a quality education to make them successful at the next level. In addition to the district adopted curriculum, Lowell School was able to secure resources to allow for 3rd through 8th grade students to have access to a computer in each of their classes. With this amount of technology, students are able to receive individualized instruction through computer-based programs as well as work collaborative on projects with students in the same or other grade levels. Math and Science are expanded upon in our 4-H program. The 4-H’s stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health, and health is an important reason for the development of Lowell’s sports program where students are active and learn the science of one’s body. Please visit the schools website or call the office to arrange a visit for more information.

Business and Community Partners enhance our programs!!!

Lowell hosts three luncheons a year for business and community partners.

Tax Credit Donations help keep our programs running!!!

Lowell School is where the inter-District Athletics and Collaboration (iDAC) and the Phoenix City Tournaments started!

2015-16 Lowell FC ASC Thank You.pdf

Arizona Sports Complex and Lowell

Partners in Education

Since the Fall of 2013, the Arizona Sports Complex has been supporting the Lowell Athletic Program.  They started with supporting the Lowell Futbol Club and District Soccer teams, and are now working to support the Lowell 3-on-3 Basketball and Flag Football Programs.

Winter 2020

2019-20 Soccer Champions

Lowell School once again won the PESD, #1 Soccer Championship.  This is the eighth win in six year for the Lowell FC program!!!

Soccer Awards

After the 2019-20 soccer season, the PESD, #1 Athletic Department gave the Male MVP, Female MVP, and Coach of the Year Award to Lowell!!!

Fall 2019

2019-20 Business and Community Luncheon 9-25.pdf

September 25 Luncheon

We had another great Business and Community Luncheon where we learned more about the community events and Lowell was able to share our goals for the year.  We appreciate everyone's support as the entire community is truly coming together to raise our future!

Spring 2019

3-on-3 Flag Football

Thanks to Coach Pilot for putting together a 3-on-3 Flag Football league for Lowell Students.  We appreciate the support of the Arizona Sports Complex for donating the flags, and the DBacks Play Ball Fund grant for helping provide other necessary equipment. 

2018-19 3-on-3 Flag Football.pdf
2018-19 STEM and 4H Night.pdf

STEM and 4-H Night

The Lowell School PTO and Staff worked together to develop a fun, interactive night at Lowell School.  It was a huge success.

2018-19 Community Kids Senior Center.pdf

Community Kids help at the Senior Center

2018-19 Lowell Tigers 4-H Maricopa County Fair.pdf

Lowell 4-H returns to the Maricopa County Fair

2018-19 Phoenix Rising Partnering in Education.pdf

Phoenix Rising visits the Lowell FC Scholar Athletes

Winter 2018-19

Lowell FC wins the PESD, #1 Soccer Title

For the fifth time in seven years, the Lowell FC co-ed soccer team wins the PESD, #1 soccer title under Coach Matt Wilson.  The scholar athletes lost their first game of the season, regrouped, and won out the regular season and the district tournament.  

The Lowell FC program continues to grow each year thanks to the dedicated staff, and the Madison Futbol Club that has worked with Lowell School since 2013 to develop players in their recreational and club soccer programs.  

Fall 2018

2018-19 DGF Event.pdf

The David Glasser Foundations provides backpacks and supplies for Lowell Students

2018-19 STC Partners in Education Through Coding.pdf

Scientific Technologies Corporation brings coding to Lowell's 2nd Grade Students

2018-19 Volleyball Tournament Update.pdf

Lowell Girls' Volleyball Team takes 3rd Place in the Phoenix City Tournament

2018-19 ASA Lowell FC Video.mp4

Lowell FC featured on the Arizona Soccer Associations FaceBook Page

2018-19 Aerotek and Lowell Partners in Education.pdf

Aerotek helps provide Lowell FC players with small goal games to increase their ball movement and accuracy.  

Summer 2018

2017-18 STC and Lowell Partners in Education - Pharm Camp 2018.pdf

Scientific Technologies Corporation adds to the Pharm Camp Experience

Spring 2018

NCAA_Harmon Park Video_05_2018.mp4

Harmon Park Legacy Project Video

This video was used as part of the Phoenix Organization Committee's efforts to bring the NCAA Men's Final Four back to Phoenix in 2024, and the committee was successful.  The video producers inadvertently gave Mr. Kelly the title of "Doctor", and as nice as that sounds, he has not fulfilled the requirements to earn an Ed.D. or Ph.D. 

2017-18 STC and Lowell Partners in Education - Lounge.pdf

Scientific Technologies Corporation makes the Lowell Lounge a work free environment for all staff to rejuvenate during the work day

2017-18 4-H Summary.pdf

Lowell 4-H participates in the Maricopa County Fair for the first time

Fall 2017

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Fall 2015

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Winter 2014

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