Holistic Education

Behavioral Health Support

Veronica has an extensive background in working with connecting individuals to various services. One of her passions is working with agencies to ensure the proper behavioral health services are provided to those that need them.

At the Tier 1 level, Veronica has worked with a school's staff to implement a researched based social emotional learning program. This program was slowly implemented over a three year period to ensure that it was working and teachers had the resources to be able to use the program effectively.

At the Tier 2 level, the focus has been to create programs that connect the students to the school. Veronica has build individual and group supports based off of needs with clear goals for the sessions.

At the Tier 3 level, Veronica has worked to build a strong relationship with a behavioral health agency. Building a relationship to receive the proper services takes much time and communication between the school and agency to first build trust with the community (empathy). After the trust begins to build, the staff and community must learn about the process to obtain the help as well as the related services (education). Finally, the family and agency's relationship can grow even when school is not in session (empowerment).

e3 HD is available to work establish relationships within schools to meet the behavioral health needs of a community.

Extra Curricular Programs

e3 HD can work with a school's community to develop programs that will help students apply their core academic content knowledge.

The following programs have been successful in connecting students, and we want to work with your community to develop programs to meet their interests.

4-H Program

When people hear about 4-H they usually associate it with raising animals or growing vegetables, and taking those items to be judged at the county fair. However, 4-H now has over 400 different programs can be incorporated into a school's elective and extra-curricular programs that allow students to apply their core content knowledge.

Animal Care




Culinary Arts




Lowell FC

The Lowell FC program was recognized by the Arizona Soccer Association in the fall of 2018.

The program was created after a very successful junior high season in the school district's league, and community came together to create a program that brings together academics and soccer. The students compete at various levels of soccer including the in house soccer program, an outside recreational league and club play.

When looking at the data of those involved in Lowell FC to all students, the LFC players have greater growth and out score all students on the annual district and state assessments.

Arizona Soccer Association

Club of the Week Video

2018-19 ASA Lowell FC Video.mp4

Community Action Team

Community Action Teams are a great way to have students and the entire school community involved in solving some of the issues surrounding the school.

The first experience Tyson had at developing a Community Action Team was created at Barcelona Middle School. The BMS Community Action Team received the 2010 Alhambra Elementary School District's Vision Award for the Community Services as well as the 2010-11 Arizona School Board Associations Golden Bell Award. The students developed ideas on how to help the community, and then put those ideas into action. One of the projects was the creation of the BMS Peace Path.

At Lowell School, Tyson worked closely with the City of Phoenix Police Department on their Wake-Up program as well as helping the Social Studies teacher revitalize the Community Kids elective. Both of these programs are student led programs that teach the students how to be analytical about the work around them and find productive ways to help others.

inter-District Athletics and Collaboration

The inter-District Athletics and Collaboration team is committed to bringing together school districts in order to develop a strong sense of community. The current focus is to engage Phoenix area schools in this collaborative effort.

Our Mission is to develop athletic and educational opportunities to connect students, staff and community members of various school districts.

The iDAC team does not want to create leagues and curriculum, but wants to create opportunities to challenge individuals through additional resources that strengthen current school and district programs.

Our Vision is to provide high-quality programs that bring together individuals of various school districts to enhance the ability to succeed.

The mission and vision were created based off an experience between two schools in the Fall of 2016 when Mr. Tyson Kelly was invited to have Lowell students play a soccer match prior to an Arizona United (now, Phoenix Rising) USL match. The school within Phoenix Elementary School District that Lowell was to play canceled a week before the match so another team was needed quickly. Lowell reached out to Andalucía Middle School in the Alhambra Elementary School District, and they agreed to play a friendly match.

Both schools were looking forward to a good game, but it turned out to be so much more. First of all, the students and coaches had to get over the initial excitement of being on the professional field. Being in the stadium and the feel of the turf was something that was never experienced before. The match was played, and then the real fun began. Each student was provided with a ticket to the Arizona United Game along with a meal. The students from both teams never having met before came together during dinner and the game as though they were long lost friends. The coaches from the two teams spoke about how it was great that soccer brought the two communities together almost seamlessly.

Tyson asked himself, “What if more schools could come together through sports, curricular and extra-curricular activities to create a larger community of learners?” So, the idea was born and the collaboration efforts among districts began to be developed.

When conceptualizing the idea, the idea of a collaborative group needs to go beyond sports because not every student connects with sports. However, sports are a good place to start because so many other disciplines can be connected to sports, such as: reporting (writing), videography (commercials for events, filming games), photography, statistics, health and wellness… So, the long-term goals revolve around bringing in more opportunities than just the City Phoenix Tournaments.

The iDAC logo was created by to represent the mission and vision of the organization.

The volleyball and basketball represent the first two sports that brought the group of educators together.

The reading and math symbols represent the need to always remember the students are Scholar Athletes.

The chess crown and robot represent the future of the collaboration to include other extra-curricular activities.